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Below you'll find 68 various vintage motocross bikes for sale, along with some other makes and models that weren't necessarily designed for hard motocross or off-road use, but general on and off-road purposes, although these machines were often modified and they became popular off-road competitive machines so they are included within as well. If you're selling a vintage or modern bike, be sure to check out the simple UI we've setup which enables you to easily sell your vintage, EVO, pre-modern or modern motorcycle here.

In addition to the classic VMX and Evolution (EVO) bikes rotating through here daily, don't miss our Vintage Motocross Section where you'll find vintage pictures, VMX Days dates and info and vintage parts, as well as other resources that date the history of motocross.

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Picture of A  1977 RM370B, super clean,
Time Remaining:
13H 55M 24S
Picture of A 1975 Yamaha YZ80  B
Time Remaining:
15H 33M 28S
Picture of A  1971 Indian M5 Dirt
Time Remaining:
16H 12M 53S
Picture of A 76 Yamaha YZ100 Vintage<br>motocross
Time Remaining:
16H 18M 28S
Picture of A Can Am MX5 - Vintage
Time Remaining:
18H 48M 53S
Picture of A Honda 1970 Z50A Mini Trail
Time Remaining:
23H 18M 28S
Picture of A Honda 1971 Z50A Mini Trail
Time Remaining:
23H 35M 30S
Picture of A 1980 Yamaha YZ125 125 RM
Time Remaining:
1D 14M 53S
Picture of A 1986 Yamaha YZ490 Motocross<br>Dirt
Time Remaining:
1D 19H 41M 55S
Time Remaining:
2D 12H 47M 12S
Picture of A 1987 Honda CR Motocross Dirt
Time Remaining:
2D 14H 30M 18S
Picture of A Yamaha we woods bike enduro
Time Remaining:
2D 15H 3M 28S
Picture of A  1983 Suzuki GS 550L
Time Remaining:
2D 15H 37M 47S
Picture of A  1986 Kawasaki Vulcan 750,
Time Remaining:
2D 15H 37M 47S
Picture of A Vintage 1985 Honda Kids Dirt
Time Remaining:
2D 15H 58M 39S
Picture of A 1994 Harley Davidson FLSTN<br>Nostalgia
Time Remaining:
2D 17H 47M 46S
Picture of A Mini Trail  1969 Honda
Littlestown, Pennsylvania
Time Remaining:
2D 18H 32M
Picture of A 1978 Honda XR75 Classic<br>collectible
Time Remaining:
2D 22H 25M
Picture of A  1973 MAICO MC440
Time Remaining:
3D 10H 17M 37S
Picture of A 1972 Ducati Mototrans 250 Road
Time Remaining:
3D 14H 14M 29S
Picture of A 1970 Triumph T100C Trophy 500
Time Remaining:
3D 15H 33M 28S
Picture of A Enduro  1971 YAMAHA HT1
Time Remaining:
3D 19H 37M 5S
Picture of A 1969 honda z50a mini trail
Time Remaining:
3D 19H 38M 35S
Time Remaining:
3D 21H 33M 28S
Picture of A 1983 Honda CR480R Big Bore
Vernon-Rockville, Connecticut
Time Remaining:
3D 23H 1M 42S
Picture of A MOTOCROSS 360  72' Yamaha
Vernon-Rockville, Connecticut
Time Remaining:
3D 23H 2M 14S
Picture of A UZUK RM250 Absolutely Stunning<br>Classic
Time Remaining:
3D 23H 36M 24S
Picture of A 1980 YAMAHA MX80G Stunning<br>Alpine
Time Remaining:
3D 23H 37M 45S
Picture of A 1975 Yamaha MX400B Classic Big
Time Remaining:
3D 23H 38M 23S
Picture of A Honda CT70 mini trail ct
Time Remaining:
4D 33M 28S
Time Remaining:
4D 2H 33M 28S
Picture of A FXE  1994 HARLEY DAVIDSON
Time Remaining:
4D 2H 41M 38S
Time Remaining:
4D 2H 49M 24S
Picture of A 1979 Honda CR125 Elsinore<br>Works
Time Remaining:
4D 11H 11M 46S
Picture of A Days  1969 Penton /
Time Remaining:
4D 12H 15M 3S
Picture of A 1971 Honda CT 90 Trail
Time Remaining:
4D 17H 35M 2S
Picture of A 1978 Honda CT 90 Trail
Time Remaining:
4D 18H 11M 7S
Picture of A 1973 honda elsinore mx dirt
Time Remaining:
4D 19H 48M 28S
Picture of A harley hummer bobcat, bth, mx
Time Remaining:
4D 20H 33M 28S
Picture of A Vintage 1970 Yamaha AT-1 AT1
Time Remaining:
4D 20H 46M 6S
Picture of A 1972 HONDA CT70 CT 70
Time Remaining:
4D 22H 4M 28S
Picture of A XC250 1982 Husky
San Juan Capistrano, California
Time Remaining:
4D 22H 48M 28S
Picture of A 50  Very Nice All
Time Remaining:
4D 23H 12M 46S
Picture of A 1972 Honda Ct 70 /
Time Remaining:
5D 1H 18M 28S
Picture of A CT trail 90
Time Remaining:
5D 2H 48M 23S
Picture of A  1970 Honda CT90 trail
Time Remaining:
5D 5H 50M 1S
Picture of A vintage bike
Oak Harbor, Washington
Time Remaining:
5D 19H 38M 56S
Picture of A  RARE IN USA Z50JP
Time Remaining:
5D 21H 57M 6S
Picture of A  1973 Hodaka Combat Wombat
Time Remaining:
6D 41M 57S
Picture of A ebay motors motorcycles off<br>road
Time Remaining:
6D 16H 19M 27S
Don't Miss Our Page Dedicated to Vintage and Evolution Motocross
Picture of A 1971 Honda CT90 Trail 90,
Time Remaining:
6D 16H 33M 28S
Picture of A Husqvarna 450 CR Desert Master
Time Remaining:
6D 20H 33M 28S
Picture of A 1982 Honda CX500TC Turbo CX
Time Remaining:
6D 21H 35M 51S
Picture of A  1970 Honda Mini Trail
Time Remaining:
7D 12H 51M 36S
Picture of A 1978 Kawasaki KV75
Time Remaining:
8D 14H 57M 23S
Picture of A 1970 1971 Honda CT70H 4
Old Greenwich, Connecticut
Time Remaining:
11D 17H 30S
Picture of A 1993 Harley-Davidson® FXDWG -<br>Dyna®
Time Remaining:
12D 4H 50M 11S
Picture of A 1993 Kawasaki Voyager  Black
Time Remaining:
14D 14H 54M 43S
Picture of A LeMans  1985 Moto Guzzi
Time Remaining:
15D 15H 13M 23S
Picture of A Yamaha YZ465 YZ CR MX
Time Remaining:
16D 15H 6M 40S
Picture of A 1981 Yamaha PW50H
Time Remaining:
18D 13H 7M 57S
Picture of A Trail 70 Low Mile Survivor
Time Remaining:
21D 11H 56M 36S
Picture of A 1982 Yamaha YZ250J
Time Remaining:
22D 16H 36M 57S
Picture of A 1973 Honda Trail 90 (CT90)
Time Remaining:
25D 18H 32M 4S
Picture of A frame  1974 CZ 400
Time Remaining:
26D 16H 8M 6S
Picture of A 1991 Harley-Davidson Dyna<br>Sturgis fxdb
Time Remaining:
28D 2H 33M 28S
Picture of A  1961 BMW R 50S
Time Remaining:
29D 6H 52M 37S
Time Remaining:
29D 21H 19M 17S


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