Professional Shop Services Offered

While we offer everyone quality DIY content which you can use to service your own bikes, if you just want someone else to do it, our shop services offer everything from free inspection to a basic oil or tire change, or even a complete bare frame race prep rebuild.

We specialize in high end race bikes, have a moto and woods loop test facility on site and can perform any adjustments, scheduled maintenance, repairs or modifications to keep your race bike in race ready condition year round with optional track side support available.

Common & Routine Motorcycle Services Performed

  • Safety, Pre Ride and Before Purchase Inspections
  • Oil Changes
  • Tire, tube or rim lock changes
  • Brakes
  • Tuneups

Details On Some Of The Services We Offer

Basic Race Prep
Our basic race prep services entail removing all bodywork from the bike for a thorough cleaning and inspection of all components as well as replacement of all fluids and filters.
Advanced Race Prep
Our advanced race prep services entail disassembly of the bike's front and rear suspension, along with replacement of all suspension and operational fluids and regreasing or replacing of steering head bearings as well as any swingarm and suspension bearings or bushings.
Works Race Prep
A service popularly performed annually or after purchasing a used dirt bike which consists of a bare frame rebuild along with the cleaning and inspection of all sub components.

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