2021 AMA National Enduro Schedule
Including Precise Enduro Location Details

The 2021 NEPG AMA national enduro championship series schedule, complete with addresses, maps and personalized, printable driving directions to assist in getting to each Enduro is provided below, and is for the long running AMA National Championship Enduro Series that runs through the best terrain and woods throughout the eastern United States.

2021 AMA National Enduro Series Schedule

  1. Pre-Entry Opens: 1-6-21
    Sumter National Enduro
    Google Maps Icon
    2300 Spots Road,
    Wedgefield, South Carolina 29168

  2. Pre-Entry Opens: 3-17-21
    Cajun Classic National Enduro
    Google Maps Icon
    Kisatchie National Forest,
    Forest Hill, Louisiana 71430

  3. Pre-Entry Opens: 4-7-21
    Dragons Back National Enduro
    Google Maps Icon
    2300 Oak Ridge Road,
    Shipman, Virginia 22971

  4. Pre-Entry Opens: 5-5-21
    Cherokee National Enduro
    Google Maps Icon
    2040 Shiloh Church Road,
    Greensboro, Georgia 30642

  5. Pre-Entry Opens: 6-16-21
    Rattlesnake National Enduro
    Google Maps Icon
    88 Quiet Oaks Campground Lane,
    Cross Fork, Pennsylvania 17729
  6. Round 6: Lumberjack National Enduro Burgholz, OH 8/22/2021 Pre Entry Opens: 7-14-21 8PM EST https://www.facebook.com/OhioValleyTrailRiders/ 731 Monroe Street Bergholz, OH 43908 40.5234734,-80.8857402 (740) 777-7718

  7. Pre-Entry Opens: 8-25-21
    Muddobbers National Enduro
    Google Maps Icon
    1100 South 990 East,
    Matthews, Indiana 46989

  8. Pre-Entry Opens: 9-8-21
    Zink Ranch National Enduro
    Google Maps Icon
    7798 Zink Ranch Road,
    Pure, Oklahoma 74070

  9. Pre-Entry Opens: 9-29-21
    Gobbler Getter National Enduro
    Google Maps Icon
    2464 County Road 26,
    Stanton, Alabama 36790

If you're just getting started, Its important you understand that competing in an enduro presents the rider with a longggg ride of which you'll need to figure out how to stay on time through known and secret checkpoints laid throughout a predefined course. If you already have an oversized fuel tank and know about using roll charts and riding long distance, technical off-road trail through often grueling terrain, getting to an AMA National Enduro should certainly be on your list of events to ride.

Never Ridden A National Enduro?

If you've never ridden an AMA Enduro, you may be in for a handful.
These Enduro's usually cover upwards of 60+ Miles!

Here's how an Enduro is Organized

Enduro Prerequisites

If Competing in an Enduro, Some Clubs Will Mandate A Spark Arrestor, So be sure to review each affiliated club's rules before you haul off to a specific Enduro. Or, Just have a spark arrestor on hand for clubs which require it.

To be competitive, you'll be best off by beginning with a motorcycle originally designed as an off-road bike, or by transforming a dirt bike originally designed as a motocross bike into a woods bike with the addition of: Engine Guards, Radiator Guards and Hand Guards as discussed in our off-road setup article which will help protect the bike and the rider from the off road elements that you'll encounter in an enduro.

The AMA Enduro series has been drawing participants since the American Motorcyclist Association started the championship in 1924. If you've never ridden an Enduro, they are not a race, but more so a timed event where rows leave on a "Key Time" plus their minute, and riders are electronically scored by Transponder. The National Enduro series can present any rider with challenges and special tests that will uncover anyone's true fitness and skill levels, as well as test the mechanical soundness, integrity and reliability of a riders machine over a course that is generally 2 laps with laps often in excess of 30 miles with NO "Sighting Lap".

What's even more intriguing is that an Enduro course is laid out over distance and in a way that you rarely (if ever) see the same trail more than twice and often offers incredibly challenging terrain for the Amateurs, as well as the Pro's including Russell Bobbitt and Charlie Mullins whom are often present and always a threat. Furthermore, competing in an event on the National Enduro Series allows even the most novice amateur to ride the same terrain as the Pro's.

For those looking for an off-road challenge covering distance and all types of terrain from flat land to nearly impossible climbs and descents and elevation changes strewn with rocks, trees and mud, be sure to hit up one of these National Enduro's covering the best terrain there is to ride a dirt bike on, and put on by a company that knows their way around the woods and is none other than Moose Racing.

For more info on Off-Road Riding or Racing,
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For more on Enduro's, Check Out Wikipedia's Article On Enduro's


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