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Below you'll find 31 used KTM dirt bikes for sale, as well as these are on our KTM Motorcycle Classifieds which we've setup for you, where you can also enjoy a simple User Interface which allows you to easily sell your motorcycle here. If you're interested in a new motorcycle so you can collect contingencies, these are the latest New KTM Motorcycles.

The dirt bikes listed below include the popular KTM SX's, SX-F's, & XC's which may be suitable for an experienced or novice rider, however if you're unfamiliar with the selections and displacements, or what to look for on a used dirt bike, here's a comprehensive guide on purchasing any used dirt bike.

31 Current Listings
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$2200Picture of A 1986 KTM 250MX
1986 KTM 250MX
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Time Remaining:
25D 18H 7M 38S
$5,300.00Picture Of A 2008 KTM DUKE
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Time Remaining:
9H 24M 48S
$11,395.00Picture Of A 2016 KTM Duke
New Hyde Park, New York
Time Remaining:
13H 34M 4S
$8,999.00Picture Of A 2014 KTM Adventure ABS
Time Remaining:
1D 1H 4M 41S
$13,990.00Picture Of A 2018 KTM Super Duke
Laguna Hills, California
Time Remaining:
1D 2H 10M 10S
$13,470.00Picture Of A 2017 KTM Super Adve
Time Remaining:
1D 3H 3M 51S
$6,000.00Picture Of A 2014 KTM R
Bid Count: 53
Time Remaining:
1D 23H 20M 11S
$10,800.00Picture Of A 2016 KTM Duke
Fort Collins, Colorado
Bid Count: 21
Time Remaining:
2D 3H 41M 29S
$11,450.00Picture Of A 2016 KTM Super Adve
Time Remaining:
2D 4H 56M 51S
$2,795.00Picture Of A 1995 KTM KTM 250 EXC
Time Remaining:
2D 7H 21M 43S
$8,890.00Picture Of A 2014 KTM Adventure
New Hyde Park, New York
Time Remaining:
2D 20H 34M 44S
$9,700.00Picture Of A 2014 KTM KTM SUPERDUKE
Bid Count: 0
Time Remaining:
2D 21H 28M 9S
$5,900.00Picture Of A 2016 KTM Duke
Rosamond, California
Bid Count: 18
Time Remaining:
5D 2H 28S
$13,500.00Picture Of A 2017 KTM KTM 129
Time Remaining:
5D 3H 11M 7S
$2,000.00Picture Of A 2017 KTM Duke
Greenville, South Carolina
Bid Count: 0
Time Remaining:
5D 3H 12M 18S
$9,800.00Picture Of A 2019 KTM KTM EXC-
West Warwick, Rhode Island
Bid Count: 0
Time Remaining:
5D 15H 19M 53S
Looking for Something Pre '93?
Vintage and Evolution Class Dirt Bikes for Sale
$9,000.00Picture Of A 2016 KTM KTM129
2016 KTM KTM129
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Time Remaining:
5D 15H 56M 2S
$265.00Picture Of A 2016 KTM SUPER ADVE
Bid Count: 3
Time Remaining:
5D 18H 46M 4S
$810.00Picture Of A 1993 KTM MXC
Bid Count: 13
Time Remaining:
6D 17H 35S
$11,980.00Picture Of A 2016 KTM Super Duke
Time Remaining:
6D 17H 25M 15S
$9,250.00Picture Of A 2014 KTM Adventure
Time Remaining:
7D 2H 47M 3S
$19,500.00Picture Of A 2004 KTM KTM 660 RR
Time Remaining:
11D 4H 7M 22S
$11,000.00Picture Of A 2018 KTM KTM 109
Time Remaining:
20D 32M 32S
$10,888.00Picture Of A 2015 KTM Adventure
Time Remaining:
20D 17H 2M 17S
$13,500.00Picture Of A 2015 KTM SUPER DUKE
Horse Shoe, North Carolina
Time Remaining:
21D 18H 6M 30S
$8,900.00Picture Of A 2016 KTM EXC Six Days
Time Remaining:
21D 21H 35M 51S
$5,188.00Picture Of A 2018 KTM SX
Time Remaining:
22D 19H 56M 58S
$9,778.00Picture Of A 2014 KTM Adventure R
Time Remaining:
25D 21H 50M 55S
$10,999.00Picture Of A 2015 KTM R 201
Time Remaining:
28D 7H 40M 45S
$425.00Picture Of A 1994 KTM MXC
1994 KTM MXC
Winchester, Virginia
Time Remaining:
29D 18H 34M 2S
$10,488.00Picture Of A 2018 KTM Adventure R
Time Remaining:
29D 20H 55M 34S
Unfamiliar With What to Look For, or What Size Dirt Bike is Right?
Here's What to Consider & Look For When Buying Any Used Dirt Bike

Readers Rides On Our Classifieds

Picture of A 1986 KTM 250MX
1986 KTM 250MX
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Picture of A 1979 Honda CR125
1979 Honda CR125
Carlotta, California

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