Dirt Bike Safety Tips & Riding Gear
for Motocross or Off-Road Use

Dirt bike safety is important whether you're new to the sport & riding dirt bikes has always been a dream, or you've been riding for a while and know your way around the motocross tracks or OHV areas and if you're new to off-road motorcycling, It's wise to become educated on safety around dirt bikes before you run out and find yourself on the ground with a bike coming after you so we're hooking you up with some Dirt Bike Safety Tips that'll be sure to save you some pain, as well as the appropriate Dirt Bike Safety Resources so you'll have all of the necessary safety gear.

It don't matter if you're the smoothest rider or you're out of control, pain doesn't discriminate and these dirt bike safety tips, as well as having the proper safety gear could save you, or someone else from a painful experience.

If you're heading out in the woods and riding off-road but you're not familiar with what's out there, be sure to review the Off-Road Elements you're sure to encounter while riding off-road as this is a good "heads up" before you hit the trail or take off into the woods.

Dirt Bike Safety Gear You Should Have For Every Ride

The safety gear listed below is fairly complete and since you really should have all that is listed here, there's a link to each products category which will provide additional, useful insight and fitting info for these popular safety products.

A Helmet
Picture of a Motorcycle Helmet for Off-Road Motorcycle use
- A good helmet is absolutely critical to have if you're riding a dirt bike, as this is what protects your head, so be sure to get a quality helmet that fit's properly and wear it with it properly secured every time you ride.
Picture of Goggles for Off-Road Motorcycle use
- A good set of Goggles is imperative for eye protection, as well as for keeping irritating dirt & dust out of your eyes but when purchasing goggles, be sure to get some compatible Tear-Off's, as these can provide you with a new field of clear vision in an instant after getting pelted with a face full of roost.
A Neck Brace
Picture of Neck Brace for Off-Road Motorcycle use
- Neck donuts were once the best option for protection against neck injuries but neck donuts have proven to be nearly worthless, so a high quality neck brace is imperative as the current neck braces can do a tremendous job of reducing the likelihood of a serious and debilitating neck injury.
A Chest Protector
Picture of a Roost Deflector for Off-Road Motorcycle use
- There are many different styles of chest protectors available and the use of one is highly recommended as a chest / back protector (also advertised as a "Roost Deflector") can help dissipate the energy generated in a crash helping to protect internal organs & other body parts from impact damage.
A Hydration Pack
Picture of Hydration System
- Maintaining proper hydration is a must if riding off-road, or cranking out long moto's, as a drinking system can carry fluids that are easily consumable when riding and critical for long rides.
Undergear Shorts
Picture of Under Riding Gear Wear
- Under gear shorts are good to have as they help prevent chaffing and irritation when riding, as well as sparing others the sight of having to see you running around in your underwear at the camp or pits when changing between riding gear and street clothes or vice versa.
Knee Braces
Picture of Knee Braces Designed for Off-Road Motorcycle Use.
- Knee braces are a product designed for dirt bike safety that anyone who rides a dirt bike should have, as most who ride on a regular basis, won't ride without knee braces after a 1st use and although pricey, knee braces are an excellent piece of protection to consider.
Moto Socks
Picture of Moto Socks Designed for Off-Road Motorcycle Use.
- Moto socks are a great invention and something to have as they help prevent chaffing and irritation from use of knee braces, as well as providing a little extra padding and comfort around your foot while wearing motocross style boots.
Picture of Boots Designed for Off-Road Motorcycle Use.
- A pair of high quality motorcycle boots are highly recommended as using these in place of a standard boot can offer a lot more protection to your lower leg, ankle and foot area and should not be left off of your list.

Once you're decked out in all the dirt bike safety gear, it's almost time to go tear up the neighbors yard to try everything out, then it'll be time to take it to a track or off-road area and log some seat time, but before you do that, you may want to check out the dirt bike safety tips below.

Real World Dirt Bike Safety Tips To Keep A Rider Safe

One of the number one dirt bike safety tips that is also the easiest to remember is to never ride alone, especially if you are riding off-road type of disciplines. Additionally, as mentioned below, "Don't Ride Over your Head" is another good one, and "Dress for the Crash, Not the Ride" is still another, but still yet, another excellent dirt bike safety tip would be... Don't sit around watching "Jump Videos" such as Nitro-Circus then go out and try to duplicate what they are doing without prior experience in hucking these monstrous gaps.

Always remember; Pain may be temporary, but it is real and you'll likely get a painful reminder of that if you try what is done on commercial jump videos without already having the experience required.

If you plan on spending any time practicing your skills on a motocross track and you're not comfortable on the jumps but you hear a faster rider approaching from behind, do NOT try to "move over" to get out of a faster riders way when rolling a jump, as this can get you landed on, or cause the other rider and yourself to collide and both of you end up on the ground.

If a faster rider is coming up behind you at a faster pace than you are riding, Just Remember: You're in front of the faster rider so he or she will see you and plan his / her line accordingly to safely pass you, and the same goes for any other slower rider so the best thing you can do is simply hold your line.

Additionally, If you're a slower rider, you may want to stay on the right side of a motocross track's lanes, and hold a straight line so as to prevent being run in to by a faster rider, or even prevent a faster rider from making a mistake that could injure someone due to having to avoid someone moving into their line.

If you are planning on riding off-road type of disciplines or simply trail riding with friends and / or family, be sure to stay on well marked, and / or frequently used trails so as to prevent any occurrences with fencing and avoid any unforeseen surprises such as holes, abandoned mines, well pipes, debris, ditches or drop offs, all of which could be disastrous if encountered suddenly at speed.

If You Missed it Above, Here's Some of the Most Common
Off-Road Elements You're Sure to Encounter on a Trail

If you're looking for some hang time, and you're thinking about hitting some FMX ramps or dirt to dirt jumps, be sure that you start small and gradually work up to the larger jumps with more height and distance, otherwise you may find yourself in a painful situation.

Motorcycle Safety Tips to Keep in Mind, No Matter the Discipline

If you are new to the sport of riding dirt bikes, and you've been around plenty of muscle cars and things of the like, or you're just power hungry, it's recommended that you do NOT run out and get the most powerful and massaged CR500 or 4 stroke you can find. Not yet anyways...

If you truly want to get a-hold of some power, A CR250 2 or 4 stroke has more than enough (if not too much) power for pretty much any use or rider that is average sized. If you're considering these tips for a younger rider, it is pretty much dependent on their size and age as to what size dirt bike to put them on, but a local motorcycle dealer should be able to direct you in the right direction as far as this is concerned, and if you are considering purchasing a used dirt bike to get started in the sport, there is an article on things to look for when purchasing a used dirt bike that is recommended reading.

If you'd really like to go about the whole dirt bike safety concept wisely, you should contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) by calling (800)-446-9227 or by visiting the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Online and find an instructor in your area, then arrange for some entry level lessons on motorcycle safety as these are great for inexperienced riders to attend.

Lastly, if you're not certain about what size bike is best for you or a family member, you may want to ask a Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor which size bike they feel would be most appropriate for you or the person you plan on sending off on a dirt bike.

Wrapping it up, A couple dirt bike safety tips you can't go wrong with are;
"Don't Ride Over Your Head"
"Dress for the Crash, Not the Ride"

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