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If you're considering an advertising campaign with us, we'd like to reinforce that Epic Motos provides an entertaining and authoritative source of information for those interested in off-road motorcycling, while also presenting an excellent option for displaying your product(s) or service(s) to an audience interested in Motocross or various Off-Road Motorcycling disciplines.

For information on pricing and placement availability, or if you have questions after reviewing the FAQ's below, please contact Epic Motos's advertising coordinator via email at:  Advertising Email Image

Cost Effective Reasons to Advertise on Epic Motos

Epic Motos utilizes photographs and videos, as well as high quality, useful technical articles and race schedules presented in a mobile friendly format, with a style that participants of off-road motorcycling sports relate to, which ultimately has an impressive percentage of visitors returning to the site, and while on the site, this content holds a visitors interest to the page(s), and establishes a time on site of well over 2 minutes, frequently exceeding 3+ minutes, with some visitors frequently spending well over 10+ minutes on the site, all of which greatly aids in delivering your message to the audience you are targeting.

Additionally, with Epic Motos being designed to reach a very specific audience, these visitors often reach our pages via specific keyword searches from major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, which further assures your advertising budget will be spent displaying ads to visitors proven to have an interest in the topic of the page(s) you choose to place your ad(s) on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which ad sizes are available?
A: At present, we allow all popular sizes of ads. Custom ad sizes may be available upon request.

Q: Which ad types are available?
A: All text, image and multimedia ad types are available, although if you should desire, your ad placement can be set to rotate between text, image or dynamic ads as long as it is within the same placement area.

Q: Who is designing the ad(s)?
A: Epic Motos can design and create ad creatives for your business for an additional fee. However, We do prefer an advertiser to perform this task themselves, or to locate an outside source for design and creation of ad creatives. Just remember, Epic Motos only accepts honest, ethical ads (text, images or video), and for new ad placements Epic Motos only accepts ads which are relevant to off-road motorcycling, and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Professional language / attitude / layout.
  • No pornography, profanity or other objectionable material.

Q: Which formats are acceptable on image ads?
A: Epic Motos accepts all popular formats of image ads, but remember to keep the file size as low as possible as this will create a faster loading ad, and a better user experience, as well as better visibility of your ad since a majority of users start scrolling a page before ads or images are fully loaded, and a large image above the fold can cause your ad to not reach maximum visibility.

Q: How much will the advertising cost?
A: Advertising on Epic Motos can be setup in multiple formats so as to best fit your budget, and provide you the most effective return on investment (ROI). Please contact us for rates at Advertising Email Image and include the size, format, and advertising model that you are interested in.

Available advertising models are:
  • Cost per Click (CPC): You pay a set amount per click.
  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM): You pay a set price per thousand impressions of an ad unit, regardless of clicks.
  • Per month basis (MB): You pay a set price per month, regardless of clicks or impressions. (Note: Per month pricing can also be extended to an annual basis upon request and a deposit of half the cost associated with the campaign.)

Q: Can I limit my ads to show in certain countries only?
A: Yes. Although Epic Motos is a popular site with a global reach, it is possible to target specific parts of the world with your ad(s), however you will need to specify this during setup of your ad.

Q: How do I pay?
A: Monthly via Check, or Credit Card.

Q: What do I pay?
A: The advertising expense will be presented to you upon a successful request; Just Send an Email with the details of your campaign to Advertising Email Image to get started.

Q: What are we talking about in terms of payment commitment length?
A: Ad runs are based on a number of factors that are set by the advertiser. An advertiser contracted by number of clicks to reach (CPC), or Number of impressions (CPM) will pay monthly. An advertiser on a monthly basis (MB) will pay monthly with an option to pay bi-annually on an annual contract.

Q: Can I advertise what ever product(s) or service(s) I want?
A: Yes, Provided your product(s) or service(s) is / are related to motorcycling covering Motocross or Off-Road disciplines.

Q: How can I start placing our ads on Epic Motos?
A: Easy, Just send an email with the details of your request to Advertising Email Image and a representative should contact you within 48 hrs.

Q: What if my question wasn't answered here?
A: Simple, Just send an email with your question(s) toAdvertising Email Image and someone should contact you within 48hrs to answer your question(s).

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