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If you're wanting to know who's behind the curtain here at Epic Motos, Great, I'll be glad to tell you. Stick around, sit back and enjoy my Mini-Autobiography.

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Introducing... "Myself"

Stuart Next CR250 Dirt Bike

My name is Stuart Kaufman, and I'm 54 Years young and live just outside of Gainesville, Florida, minutes from where the "Winter National Olympics" AKA "Mini-O's" are held each year which is "Gatorback Cycle Park."

I've spent most of my spare time when not working as an automotive technician straddling these beasts that generate a 10,000+ rpm vibration and I love the rush that riding a dirt bike brings. Believe me... I have ridden many miles of trail (which I still do), I have raced a many a race and still do. Oh, and let me not forget. I have crashed too... Quite Hard I may add which I still do occasionally as well, just not quite as hard as in the past, "I must be slowing down"

Considering that I ride dirt bikes, I know how addictive riding one can be. There just isn't much that compares with the feeling of a good clean running, arm straightening, vision distorting, mind numbing hooked up motocross bike pulling hard in about 3rd gear and I know it as much as the next person.

I decided that writing this website was a necessity since I enjoy helping others and know how much of a rush it can be to ride a dirt bike, so armed with the knowledge that most people use the internet these days for finding the information they need, I thought a website that would be able to help others get lost in the lifetime addiction of riding dirt bikes by providing the info they need to get started would be fitting, as well as giving the seasoned riders just what they want to see and read.

I'm helping others to get their Adrenaline Fix too.

If you have any recommendations for articles you would like to see, or feel would be a benefit to others, be sure to let me know by sending me an email from the Contact page, and I may post your comments or suggestions on the website for others to see.

If you're planning on attending any of the AMA Outdoor Motocross Nationals or popular off road races such as GNCC Races and you're watching closely you may see me in the pits, or in the trenches anywhere from Glen Helen to Unadilla and all points in between, as I do plan on traveling to many of these events to hang out, watch the pro's slug it out, and capture some good pics and write up's for ya'll.

If you do happen to see me somewhere, be sure to say Hello and Thanks for reading, Stay safe out there while keeping it pinned but remember; "Stupid Hurts"

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